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technological keychains

I am very broke & trying to raise some money by making & selling things so I have been creative & used what I had around me : I made those funky technological key-chains using dead RAM memory bars from computers my boyfriend repaired or thrifted/dumpster-dived.

I’ve had some [rather rude] people say this was « lame » in other communities [like crafting communities, etc…] I dont think these are lame, I think they are pretty cool & I gave some to friends who thought so as well and I kept one myself to use! I agree that they werent very long to make [duh] and I usually make stuff a little more creative/crafty than this, but I used what was at hand and dare I say I think it’s a pretty good idea & has some style [in a geeky way :) ]! I thought this may interest some of you since there is « computer parts » in this community’s interests.

Each has a regular metal key loop & can hold keys like any normal keychain. They are sturdy, lightweight & easy to find in your purse / messenger bag front pocket because of their practical shape. They are all about 3 inches long and vary slightly in width [3/4 inch to 1 inch] but they are all metallic green with a varying number of little black boxes & different patterns.

Each goes for 7$ US postage paid
If this interests you please buy one & help a starving artist survive ;)

Paypal to girl_w_cat@yahoo.com

If you do think it’s lame, there is no need to waste your time & mine by commenting to say it… just scroll past & please dont be rude.
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!
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