lurock (konstrix) wrote in geeks_nyc,

Sound Problem.

So i gave my old pc to my gf since i got a new one. the specs on this are:

ath64 2800
1gb ram
radeon 9800xt
creative sb live 5.1
msi via neo v viak8t800 mobo

she has 2.1 speakers. so i connected them as normal, but no sound would come out. digital output only is unchecked under advanced options in volume control. every driver is updated and nothing. the weird thing is, when i plug headphones into the line out jack, i hear the audio.

so i tried a fresh pair of 2.1 speakers and still, nothing. desktop stereo speakers is selected on sound control panel as well as sb live being the default device for sound. everything is fine under device manager. no yellow exclamation marks.

creative audiohq will not load. none of the creative programs will load despite running under task manager. i feel the creative files are corrupt, however...

...i uninstalled the soundcard and installed drivers for MSI K8T800 onboard realtek AC97 sound. i figured this would work, but again, it did not. if i plugged in headphones, i could hear sound, but nothing from speakers.

this is extremely frustrating. im afraid if i buy a totally new soundcard, the same will happen. no sound from speakers, but sound from headphones will be fully audible.

any prompt help at all would be appreciated.
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